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We are a Science of Mind spiritual community exploring the wisdom in all spiritual traditions to enhance our own spiritual evolution and that of the planet.


By embracing the diversity in all of life, we recognize the divine presence in all beings. We seek to remember that we, along with all creatures, are expressions of Spirit and that love is always the deepest truth between us.


Come join us in reaching our fullest potential through the realizations of these truths!


Rev. Kevin Bucy

Community Spiritual Leader


 Ideas about how we can come into

the "Power of Now"


1.  Familiarize yourself with spiritual truth.  For many of us, much of our lives have been lived in the illusion of limitation and lack.  Exposing our consciousness to spiritual truth assists us in realizing how powerful we really are! 


2. Notice your mind.  Make it a practice to observe if your thinking is locked in the past, the future, judgment or lack.  I find it helpful to actually "label" where my mind is at, i.e. "past thinking", "lack thinking".  As Eckhart Tolle says "The moment you realize you aren't present, you are present."


3.  Breathe!  Yogis' tell us that we don't breathe as fully as our bodies need us to.  Try this.  Take a deep full breath, hold it for a few seconds and release it.  Notice how much more of your lungs you have used than you do in a normal breath.


4.  Do what you are doing!  If you are driving, drive, if you are walking, walk, if you are eating, eat.  Bring your full awareness into the activity you are engaging in.  Notice the sensations happening in your body; notice the light and the sounds.  Bring your full awareness into this moment, now.


Enjoy entering into the "Power of Now".


Sunday Gathering Times


8:00 a.m.    (Meditative)

10:00 a.m.  (with Youth Ministry)

11:30 a.m.




Theme for 2015: "A Life of Love, Joy and Peace" 


Across generations, cultures, and spiritual traditions, from Eckhart Tolle to the Buddha and beyond, we witness a consistent message: "Our natural state of being is (an experience of) love, joy and peace." The aim of the spiritual path is to shed the illusion that keeps us unloved, impoverished, and in conflict.

Today, we live such a better lifestyle than our ancestors and so many on our planet who experience political tyranny, hunger and disease. Like never before, we have access to the synthesis of spiritual truth held in the various world traditions and we know the spiritual practices that empower us to experience our natural state of being.

What if you and I were born in a time and a place such as this to wake up to the truth of our own being? To use an old saying, "This is the time, we are the people." Get quiet and ask yourself if this isn't so, then join us in a life of love, joy and peace.


Rev. Kevin Bucy



February 2015 Theme: "Beginning Here and Now"


In a recent talk I referenced Eckhart Tolle's book, "The Power of Now." I heard myself saying that it should be a requirement for anyone who wants to be a human being. Some light laughter followed. However, the more I thought about that statement the more I realized I believe it.


This book contains things most of us believe, at least to some degree. It claims that we are not our minds and that there is a way out of pain. Authentic power is found in surrendering and in the present moment our problems do not exist. What I find really exciting is that when I read this book and apply its material to my life I actually experience what Tolle discusses.


On Sundays for the next two months I will be discussing this book and share simple ways to experience the transformation Tolle promises. To deepen in this process, you can get a copy of the book from our bookstore and read the chapter during the week I will be covering on Sunday. We will also offer a group for those of you who want to share your experiences in an intimate setting.


Let's create for ourselves and each other a powerful year. Let's experience year in which authentic transformation occurs through us and moves out into the world. Let's begin it together here and now!


Rev. Kevin Bucy


February   1: "The State of Presence"
Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy, Special Music: The Yes Team
Paper Bag Ministry


February   8: "The Inner Body"
Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy, Special Music: DevaVani
6:30 p.m. Sacred Gong Meditation


February  15: "Portals Into the Unmanifested"
Speaker: Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, Special Music: Denise Rosier
6:30 p.m. Talking Stick Drum Circle


February  22: "Enlightened Relationships"
Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy, Special Music: The One Voice Choir
6:30 p.m. Chakra Bowl Meditation

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