A spiritual journey of awakening.

Every week connecting with elite teachers supporting our eternal bliss of growth.


Each Wednesday at 6:30pm at Sunset Temple.

6:30pm until 6:50pm offers a 20-minute silent time.

 Then, 6:50pm until 8:00pm for the gathering.


February 2020

February 26

Liz Myers

Meditative Sound Healing Session 


You will lay down and receive this meditative sound healing with shamanic drumming, singing bowls, vocal toning, Liz's healing voice and more. Please bring a yoga mat and anything else that would make you cozy and comfortable. Chairs are available for those who prefer to sit.

Suitable for all levels. Love offering basis.


March 4

Teri Wilder

The gong, an ancient instrument whose healing vibrations used around the world. Listeners can benefit through stilling the mind and may even strengthen the nervous system to deal with stress.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat and water

March 11 - Cancelled

March 18

Kerem Brûlé, sound healer

Known for her unique and masterful style of live layering and looping a wide variety of acoustic and electronic healing instruments, nature sounds and her voice into a rich tapestry of sound.


Each Wednesday at Sunset Temple.

6:30pm until 6:50pm - high frequency meditation

 Then, 6:50pm until 8:00pm for the gathering.

Sunday Gathering and 'A Wakening' Wednesday

Address: 3911 Kansas St. San Diego, CA 92104

Mailing address for Center: 1050 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92103

Center telephone: 619-291-4728

Two Sunday Gatherings:

8:45am meditative gathering

10:30am Celebration Gathering

includes Youth Ministry

A Wakening Wednesdays:

6:30 pm Silent Meditations

7:00 - 8:00pm Gathering

at Sunset Temple

3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104

Street parking or convenient parking structure near University and 29th for $1 per hour)

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