Each Wednesday at 6:30pm at Sunset Temple.

6:30pm until 6:50pm offers a 20-minute silent time.

 Then, 6:50pm until 8:00pm for the gathering.

Winter Gatherings

January 2020  gatherings


January 8

Heather Renee

Heather is an Advanced Spiritual Engineer, gifted and guided with energetic abilities since childhood. Disciplined and practiced, she has leaned deeply

into the Light to become a master healer's healer. She is clairvoyant,

medium, messenger and delivers divine healing wisdom, guidance

and energy transfusions. 


Love offering basis


January 15

Liz Myers

Meditative Sound Healing Session

Tai Chi Calming Breath

Shamanic Drumming, singing bowls & voice toning

Love offering basis



January 22

Toby Geise

Pranayama (Healing Breathwork)

Active meditation 

Clearing physical, mental and emotional tension 

Connecting deeply with yourself and Spirit 

Love offering basis

January 29

Gia George

Music of the Angels 
Guided meditation experience 
Tapping into higher dimensions of consciousness 
Channel Oracle Angels 

Love offering basis

Sunday Gathering and 'A Wakening' Wednesday

Address: 3911 Kansas St. San Diego, CA 92104

Mailing address for Center: 1050 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92103

Center telephone: 619-291-4728

Two Sunday Gatherings:

8:45am meditative gathering

10:30am Celebration Gathering

includes Youth Ministry

A Wakening Wednesdays:

6:30 pm Silent Meditations

7:00 - 8:00pm Gathering

at Sunset Temple

3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104

Street parking or convenient parking structure near University and 29th for $1 per hour)

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Mailing Address:

GENERAL FUND           1050 University Ave #E107-88 San Diego, CA 92103