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Classes for Fall of 2020

A Journey into Present Moment Awareness!



with Dharmini Cabanillas, RScP


12-week Class on Tuesday Evenings

Sept. 22 to Dec. 8, 2020

6:30pm - 8:30pm

  • Why is it so difficult to respond consciously when we are upset? 

  • Why do we instead resort to hurtful, repetitive, unconscious reactive behaviors?


We all have deeply suppressed emotional imprints that are programmed into us throughout the first seven years of childhood. Until these emotional charges are consciously identified and integrated, whenever upset we automatically resort to unskilled, reactive behaviors

Using the transformative process from the book by Michael Brown, this class will take you into a deep inner space to assist you in realizing lasting emotional freedom. You will  learn to uncover the emotional imprinting from childhood and take full responsibility for the quality of your experience in every moment. You will also work with emotional triggers and learn to be with them in a way that allows integration and emotional maturity. Daily meditation and contemplation at home are required. There is no prerequisite for this class.

Book:  The Presence Process by Michael Brown 

Class Fee: $250.00  Members of Universal Spirit Center: $225.00

Foundations for Spiritual Living Class

with Zina Kacha, RScP


11-week Class on Monday Evenings

Sept. 28 to Dec. 7, 2020

6:30pm - 8:30pm on Zoom

Join this deepening into what the Divine means to you and how it can transform your life with experiences of greater love, greater health and greater prosperity. Many have reported a significant turn around in their lives after having taken this course. 

It introduces you to a new way to experience your best self and to apply the things you learn into practical use.

Book:  Science of Mind

Class Fee: $150.00  

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