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2020 Conscious Giving Commitment Program

We Are the Center of Universal Spirit

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in the Conscious Giving Commitment Program at the Center, please consider making your commitment here online. Thank you for contributing and helping to make manifest our vision for individual and global awakening.


As our mission statement reads, we are a thriving community. We are abundant in love, joy, peace and finances. We know that we are connected to source and our riches continue to multiply. We know the law of circulation is the truth and as we give, so we receive.


If you feel led to make a conscious contribution to Universal Spirit Center here are some of the avenues available for giving:

  • Pledge a monthly donation

  • Give a one time gift

  • Make a recurring donation

  • Donate stocks and bonds

  • Make Universal Spirit Center part of your legacy planning

Contact Lee Armentrout in the Center’s office at 619-291-4728 to arrange your conscious giving objectives.

Make One Time or Recurring Donations here: 

Want to use PayPal to donate? Click the yellow button:

Thank you for your contribution!

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