Upcoming Events

One Sunday Gathering CURRENTLY ONLINE


We're Back!


8:30am and 10:30am


Wednesdays at 6:30pm


North Park Lions Club

3927 Utah St. San Diego, CA 92104


We are OPEN in person! Now we offer Sundays at 8:15am for the more contemplative gathering and 10:30am for the celebration gathering with full band. The 10:30 gathering will ALSO be live streamed to YouTube and Facebook LIVE. You can access either from our website, simply click the icon for the platform you choose in the top left hand corner.

We will be abiding by the current guidelines issued by health professionals and agencies to assure a safe experience. See below.


Youth ministry is available at the 10:30am gathering.

What We Would Like You to Know About

Our Physical Opening


We are very excited to welcome you to our 8:15 or 10:30 Sunday Gatherings and we are committed to creating a space in which everyone feels welcome and safe.  Please review the following information so you will be able to assist us in creating an inclusive and safe environment.

Following the CDC mandate, anyone who is not vaccinated is required to wear a mask. Additionally, anyone who feels safer wearing a mask is encouraged to do so.  We will have masks available at the door for anyone who would like one.

We want to acknowledge that moving from an experience of everything being shut down to an experience of coming together may be a difficult for many. Some may be struggling with what is safe and what is not safe. To that end, we ask that everyone be respectful with whatever choices other have made about being vaccinated or whatever personal boundaries one wants to establish.  Therefore, before hugging someone or shaking their hand, please ask first.  Maybe a good phrase would be 'Are you hugging?’ or 'Are you shaking hands?'  We also respect and include those who choose to participate in our 10:30 Gathering from the comfort of their homes.

Throughout June, we will not have congregational songs (no group singing) and you will not be asked to hold hands with each other.  At the end of June we will re-evaluate these activities.

We are an inclusive community. As we come together after being apart for over a year, we respect each other’s any personal choices or boundaries. 


Please contact me if you have any concerns, suggestions or questions.

In love,

Rev. Kevin