Legacy Gift

Here are descriptions of the most common types of bequests. Be sure to go over them with your attorney as you discuss including Universal Spirit Center in your plans. 

  • A specific bequest: a gift of a specific dollar amount or specific asset. 

  • A percentage bequest: a gift of a percentage of your estate. 

  • A residuary bequest: a gift for the "rest, residue and remainder" of your estate. This bequest comes to Universal Spirit Center after all your specific bequests, debts and taxes have been paid. 

When creating your bequest, here are three facts your attorney will need: 

Our Legal Name: Midtown Church of Religious Science DBA Universal Spirit Center

Our Address: 1050 University Ave #E107-88 San Diego, CA 92103

Our Federal Tax Identification Number: 91-2154594

If you or your attorneys have any questions, please contact: 

Lee Armentrout at (619) 291-4728 or lee@universalspiritcenter.org 

We thank you for considering a gift.