News re:  gatherings

                                                                                                                                                      March 13, 2020


Dear Ones,

After much prayer, discussion, and in response to the directive of SD County Public Health, the Leadership of Universal Spiritual Center and I have decided to move our Sunday Gatherings to a virtual on-line experience until the end of the month, at which point we will evaluate. There will be no in-person Sunday Gatherings through March. 

Yesterday, March 12, 2020, San Diego County Public Health issued a directive to cancel all gatherings of 250 people or above, and if the gathering is under 250, to comply with the “social distancing” of six feet  between individuals. 

I assure you this decision to move our Sunday Gatherings to only live streaming is not based in fear or a lack of awareness that the Wholeness of the One Divine Life that lives and expresses through each of us. This decision is based on the social responsibility we have to each other and to the larger community. The medical experts tell us we have the power to slow or end the spread of the Coronavirus if we spend a short period of time away from large groups.  

Through all these happenings, I am feeling a spiritual call to come home to myself. Given all the craziness we see in the world today, maybe this is a call from the Universe to disengage for a time from our outer life and to enter the stillness where we experience the Divine.


Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind and Spirit, says that one who practices this teaching must become still enough to realize the invisible (Divinity) is more powerful than the visible (the world).  
Let’s meet each other in that stillness.

So, I am calling myself and you to breathe, relax, become still and enter into the stillness where the experience of the Divine dwells.  

Please join us on Facebook LIVE to view our regular Sunday Gathering times: 8:45am and10:30am. 

We are also working to establish a livestream option from our website, stay tuned.

If you have further questions please email:

Thank you for your participation in the Center of Universal Spirit!

In love and gratitude,
Rev. Kevin

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