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Universal Spirit Center
is committed to creating awareness and action
for the realization of racial equality for all.





Join together with the Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency (CPAT)  for "PrOTECT our Communities! Community Townhall on Biased Policing in San Diego" on Friday, 7/30 at 5:30pm!

Register at https://bit.ly/cpatjuly30

1) LEARN about  CPAT’s effort to address biased policing and how you can get involved in the campaign!

2) HEAR directly from Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe about updates regarding PrOTECT.*


*PrOTECT seeks to address biased policing by ending stops that disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities.

Interpretación al español disponible. Spanish interpretation available!

Register at https://bit.ly/cpatjuly30

Facebook event at https://fb.me/e/uIDSQj8F


The History We Were Not Taught

On this day, July 28  in 1916, police in Louisville, Kentucky, arrested three Black people allegedly involved in interracial relationships, and announced a full local investigation to identify more cases. Those arrested faced a fine of $5,000, up to a year in jail, and humiliating treatment by law enforcement. To overcome racial inequality, we must confront our history. READ MORE HERE

In Person Movie Night!

with Conversation on

August 20 at 6:00pm



Watch the Movie Trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpLMzLSjwoE


Moving The Race Conversation Forward



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Every Wednesday brings forth new spiritual ideas and awareness. Inspired by today’s climate, yesterday’s pain, and the promise of a new tomorrow. 
We seek to share wisdom and spiritual solutions amid uncomfortable conversation and inner self awareness.

Join us every first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm for Kitchen Conversations “probing the questions on racism.”

A Wakening Wednesday every second and forth Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. Arousing a deeper connection to our spiritual ideas.

Say Their Name


A Life that Mattered

Xzavier Deyonte Hill



Xzavier Hill was like a lot of 18-year-old teenagers. He had a girlfriend, was an all-around athlete who played on his high school football team, had a part-time job as a lifeguard, and was a recent high school graduate. Friend Gwen Dildy described her memories of him going to the homecoming dance and eating out with friends after school, calling him a “beautiful soul”. Another friend Berneda Thompson shared how he had his whole life ahead of him. His life was precious and full of promise.


Xzavier was the only child of and devoted son to his mother LaToya Benton, even helping her with the cleaning business she owned. She believes she has her business because of him, explaining how he went with her every time she got a new contract. “He was just working. [He was an] 18-year-old kid just working and living life,” said Ms. Benton. “This kid just graduated high school, just go out of school. He worked, he did what he was supposed to do” said Kevin Wright, his great-uncle.


In the early morning hours of January 9th, 2021, Xzavier was driving to be with his girlfriend in Charlottesville after visiting family in Richmond when his life was unjustly cut short by two Virginia State police officers who shot and killed him during a traffic stop, leaving beloved family members and friends grief-stricken. His great-grandmother Dolly Wright shared how during the memorial service his mother “crying for a little bit, and then all of a sudden she talked about certain things he did to make her laugh, like hiding his phone when he wasn’t supposed to have it. Bringing back good memories”.

Click here to read more about the community support for the family and some questions we need to consider when we remember Xzavier.

Racial EQUALITY Project LOGO.jpg

 Steering Committee:

Gino Walker, Rev. Kevin Bucy, Carolyn Floyd, Viraj Ward and Rich Oceguera

Contact: info@universalspiritcenter.org