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Universal Spirit Center
is committed to creating awareness and action
for the realization of racial equality for all.

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Weekly Call to Action:


Are you aware of racial bias in news reporting? The phrase, “Unarmed Black Man” doesn’t mean what you think. This phrase has become journalistic shorthand for this 

message: white people unjustly shooting a black man, because their racial prejudice led them to assume he was a threat. These three words that repeatedly appear in stories about racially motivated shootings reinforce the biased assumptions that journalists are trying to expose. 

This week, please 

  1.  Read: The Kelly McBride’s Revelatory Article 

  2.  Send The following email to news organizations on best practices. Click Here to copy & paste the template. It will require some reformatting.

             NPR: NPR Online Contact Form

             ABC News: News.tips@abc.com

             CBS News: evening@sbsnews.com

             NBC News: Anna.Brand@nbsuni.com

             USA Today: letters@usatoday.com

Movie of the Month and Conversation

March 26, 2021 at 6:30pm

Miss Virginia

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Every Wednesday brings forth new spiritual ideas and awareness. Inspired by today’s climate, yesterday’s pain, and the promise of a new tomorrow. 
We seek to share wisdom and spiritual solutions amid uncomfortable conversation and inner self awareness.

Join us every first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm for Kitchen Conversations “probing the questions on racism.”

A Wakening Wednesday every second and forth Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. Arousing a deeper connection to our spiritual ideas.

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 Steering Committee:

Lorraine Iverson, Gino Walker, Rev. Kevin Bucy, Carolyn Floyd, Viraj Ward and Rich Oceguera

Contact: info@universalspiritcenter.org

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