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September 2020

The Transformative Power

of Spiritual Community


This month, as we enter fall and Jewish people celebrate a new year, we celebrate
being community for 19 years! Through the many locations of our community,
the changes in leadership and the thousands that have passed through our doors,
there has been one constant through the years: together we create a space to
experience Divine Love for personal and global transformation.

Now, more than ever, we realize the healing that happens when we come
together in vulnerability and courage to experience the warmth of intimacy within
ourselves, each other and Divine Source.

I am deeply grateful for you and for all that have made us who we are today. This
month we hear the voice of diversity calling us even deeper into spiritual
community. Let’s come together in gratitude for the love that occurs in our
community together.

Rev. Kevin

September 6

Like Minded Consciousness

Speaker: Gino 

and Guest Artist: Jami Lula

September 13

 Opening to Love

Speaker: Rev Kevin

and Guest Artist: Whitney Shay











September 20

 The Call of Community

Speaker: Timothy Gay

Special Music: Jennifer Ruth Russell and Michael Gayle

September 27

Experiencing Community

Rich Oceguera and Alanna Pearl

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