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June Theme:

Out in the Light


According to Jewish and Christian scripture, God’s first words were, “Let there be light.” Light causes growth, warmth and allows us to see. When used in spiritual writings, light refers to awareness, present moment awareness.


It seems fitting to me that we come out of being isolated to coming together in the month of the most light. As we come out of isolation we bring with us the awareness and insights that were forming during our time alone.


Let’s come together in the awareness that Divine Light indwells and

surrounds us.

Rev. Kevin

June 6

Celebrating the Journey

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special music:  Gary Lynn Floyd


June 13

 Our Evolving Souls

Speakers: The Universal Spirit Center Practitioner Candidates

Derek Brunkhorst, Borghild Kellenberger and Hunter Tallman

 Special music:  Gino

June 20

 Our Father God

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special Music:  Karl Anthony


June 27

Be What This Moment Calls You to Be

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special Music: Liz Myers