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September Theme:

20 Years of Creating Experiences

of Divine Love


It’s hard to believe that our first Sunday Gathering was two decades ago. We came together with a call in our hearts and an idea in our minds that love, Divine Love, is the most powerful force in the Universe. Through the years we have strived to experience this love in our daily lives and in our outreach into the world. Twenty years since that first Gathering, we continue to open to experiencing Divine Love so that we may continue to be a transformative presence in the world.

We are so deeply grateful for all the thousands of individuals who have walked through our threshold, those who have given so freely because they felt the call of love upon their lives. Great gratitude to all of you who have made Universal Spirit Center what it is today!  We invite all to come open to the power of love with us!

Rev. Kevin

September 5

Walking through the Threshold of Love

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special music: Amy Steinberg and Lauren Grace


September 12

 The Power of Yes

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

 Special music:  TJ Moss and Liz Myers

September 19

 Had I Known

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Guy Williams

Special Music: Margaret Owens


September 26

The Spiritual Practice of Community

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special Music: Deva Vani, Ensemble on Fire!