September Theme:

Welcoming the New

I love this time of year! We begin to experience a cooling down in the weather, a growing of shadows and an anticipation about the approaching holidays. In September we also celebrate new beginnings. Rosha Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which happens to fall on our 21st anniversary as a spiritual community.

Beginnings are in the air! Moving through the pandemic, the political unrest and the war still raging in Ukraine, I think it’s an excellent idea to consider what newness wants to happen both in us and in our community. This month as we prepare for what the Divine Intelligence wants to unfold through us, we become quiet to listen and feel into what the newness is. 

Come listen with us!

Sept 18        Belonging and Beholding                         Rev. Sarah Adams

Sept 25       Celebrating the Power of Connection     Rev. Kevin

September 4

The Power of Listening

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special music: Gino


September 11

The Power of Not Knowing

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy   

 Special music: TJ Moss

September 18

Belonging and Beholding

Speaker: Rev. Sarah Adams

Special music: Gino

September 25

Celebrating the Power of Connection

Happy 21st Anniversary Sunday 

Speaker: Rev. Kevin

Special music: Gino and the CHOIR ON FIRE!

Celebrate in Pioneer Park with us

after 2nd gathering to celebrate