November 2019 Theme

Creating Space

Creating Space within us for what wants to happen through us is a powerful thing.  It’s inviting the Divine Potential to express through us.  Many of us have been taught to figure out, control, or manipulate our environment to get what we what.  Seems to me, the call of the Universe is to open, let go and relax into what’s seeking expression through us.  This month at Universal Spirit Center we are creating space within us and our lives to invite the Divine to unfold as us!  Come, create with us!

November 3

Surrendering Thoughts

Speaker: Gino Walker

Music: Gino Walker

November 10

The Power of Forgiveness

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Music: Christine Gilardi

November 17

Creating Stillness

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Music:  Patrcia Bahia

November 24

Allowing Gratitude

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Music: Gino Walker

Two Sunday Gatherings:

8:45am meditative gathering

10:30am Celebration Gathering

includes Youth Ministry

A Wakening Wednesdays:

6:30 pm Silent Meditations

7:00 - 8:00pm Gathering

at Sunset Temple

3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104

Street parking or convenient parking structure near University and 29th for $1 per hour)

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