June Theme:

The Power of Light


“And God said, Let There Be Light, and there was Light.” Understood by many to be the first recorded words spoken by the Divine and the first thing created: Light! In spiritual writings, light is a metaphor for awareness. It is an awareness that holds no regret of past, anxiety of the future or any reactive element. In order to break the cycle of violence (whether to ourselves, others, or our planet) the first step is awareness. Let’s get still, come into the light and hear the call from the Universe to move from violence to love!


Come join us as we open to the light!

June 5

What Are We Creating?

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special music: Gino


June 12

The Call to Be Conscious!

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

 Special music: Gino

June 19

Standing on the Consciousness of Our Forefathers

Speaker: Rev, Sarah Adams

Special music: Choir on Fire!

June 26

Setting Ourselves Free

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Special music: Gino