January 2020 Theme


The New You

The power of Science of Mind and Spirit along with the promise of spirituality means we have the capacity to live fulfilled, joyful and loving lives. As we begin a new decade, we have tremendous opportunity to be the people and to live the lives we’ve always dreamed. We live in powerful times. More and more, people are awakening to the power and promise of the wisdom of the ages. Now is the time!

In Joe Dispenza’s latest book, On Becoming Supernatural, he shows us a step-by-step process to rise above patterns, feelings and thoughts that have held us down thereby rising into the experience of our deepest dreams. I am extremely inspired by how he articulates ancient wisdom in a very transformative and practical way.  

In this first month of this new decade, we will explore “Becoming Supernatural.” Let’s rise together above our old selves and become “New.”  Come transform with us!

Rev. Kevin Bucy


January 5

How Willing Are You to Be New? 

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Music: Gino Walker

January 12

A New Mind and Heart

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

 Music: Choir on Fire!

January 19

Practicing the New You

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy

Music: Gia George

January 26

Fine Tuning

Speaker: Gino Walker

Music: Amy Steinberg

Two Sunday Gatherings:

8:45am meditative gathering

10:30am Celebration Gathering

includes Youth Ministry

A Wakening Wednesdays:

6:30 pm Silent Meditations

7:00 - 8:00pm Gathering

at Sunset Temple

3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104

Street parking or convenient parking structure near University and 29th for $1 per hour)

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