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August 2020

Encountering Self


As we continue the shut down experience, probably much longer than any of us expected, I am finding it easy to get bored and frustrated.  I am tired of the routine that hardly varies and keeps me physically distant from others.

In spending some time with one of my favorite spiritual writers, Joel Goldsmith, I recently read “The fetters that bind us are in the mind.”  This spiritual truth that lives deep within me rose up again: when I am bored, anxious or lonely, I am caught in the drama of my small mind that always looks for and attaches to something that is wrong.  Moving my focused awareness to my open heart, I find all is well in this moment.  This month, join us, as we settle into this moment, here, now.

-Rev. Kevin Bucy

August 2

Shutting Down


August 9

 The Power of Drama

Speaker: Rev Kevin and Guest Artist: Gia George

August 16

 Traveling through Mind

Rev. Kevin 

August 23

 What Our Life Is Telling Us

Rev Kevin

August 30

 Encountering Self

Rev Kevin

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