Home Groups

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We are launching a virtual Spiritual HomeGroup!

From A to Z! with Sarah Adams and Zina Kacha

In response to a time of physical distancing and staying at home, (Licensed Practitioners and Ministerial Interns/Students) Zina Kacha and Sarah Adams are launching a new HomeGroup that will meet exclusively online (by Zoom).  

The HomeGroup program is small groups of people who come together monthly for connection, care, prayer and support.  the group members support each other in spiritual growth through a curriculum that is based on the monthly themes and Rev. Kevin's weekly talks.
Sundays once a month at 3pm.  
If you are interested in learning more and participating, please send an email to Zina at kachazina@gmail.com.


Do you want to meet more people at Universal Spirit Center and develop deeper connections?

Then apply to be a member of a Home Group! 

Home Groups at Universal Spirit Center are gatherings of about 10 people who meet at least monthly in a member’s home.  After enjoying a meal together, the group follows a structured curriculum that supports each member in growing spiritually through meaningful, authentic and heart-centered conversations, and by moving through life challenges and celebrations together.  There is also lots of joy and laughter!  We hope you will join us in one of our Home Group circle gatherings.