Prayer Practitioners

Universal Spirit Center Licensed Prayer Practitioners (RScP) are spiritual counselors licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living. They have three to four years of training in providing support for those on the spiritual path as well as affirmative prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment).  Each is bound by a high code of ethics to respect your privacy. They are available for prayer after our Sunday Gatherings and/or one on one sessions on a fee-basis. 

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Sarah Adams, RScP


It is my joy to know that God is living its life as all beings. It is my delight to behold God revealing itself in unique and magnificent splendor in each person I encounter. It is my honor to know at the deepest level that the One, Divine Love is loving itself in every circumstance.


As a practitioner, my mission is to live life awakened to the consciousness behind all forms, with an ear to the still small voice, a heart to the humanity within and around me, and an eye for the grace of God flowing through all of us. With unconditional love, compassion and humor, I live to pray, serve, teach, lead, play with, love and support the ever expanding revelation of God within each member of our community and our world at large.


Lee Armentrout, RScP


Pronouns: He/Him/His

There is a unique thing about every individual. There is something that sets each person on an adventure that is solely hers or his to do. Every person has a set of circumstances, a past and a future. As a practitioner, I know and honor every person’s unique path as some magnificent part of the Divine Life. Regardless of current circumstances or what has gone before, there is a certain something that is ever present, wholly Good and ready to co-create something new and better, more meaningful and fulfilling in every person’s life.


Through deep listening, gentle questions, suggesting proven spiritual tools and affirmative prayer, one’s patterns that no longer serve fall away as naturally as sunshine disperses fog. I know that healing is something that is always present. It is ours to discover it, uncover it and embrace it and thereby experience the Joy, Peace, and Love we are created to be. Knowing for others and myself on this level of understanding, compassion and loving-kindness is a call on my life.


Lydia Joy Ayers, RScP


As a Practitioner, it is my absolute honor and privilege to support the wonderful community that we create together. Knowing that all is an expression of the One Divine, I know that my own service as a Practitioner is God living its fullest life through me. In this, I also know that whoever is before me—members of my community, friends, clients—are also faces of Spirit, living its fullest life through them. It is my joy to know and affirm this wholeness, this absolute Oneness, in prayer with others. 

This Oneness is our natural state, and life is given color and excitement though all the ways that we are shown back to this absolute Truth. My background in nursing helps keep my perspective on the limitless power of Spirit, the prevalence of everyday miracles, and my heart filled with compassion and gratitude. 


Sharonda G. Morris, RScP


As an individualized expression of  God, it is a sacred honor to know the highest truth for all beings. I recognize that there is a Divine Power and Presence at the center of our being seeking expression to the fullest. Through prayer, meditation and affirming the truth, I am able to witness false beliefs fall away. It is with absolute joy that I serve as a Practitioner here at Universal Spirit Center. I am here to be a powerful vessel for the Spirit of God to express through. I am here to support my spiritual community and our world. Please know that I love to pray and am available to support you with Joy, Love , Compassion and Grace. This is the call for me as a Prayer Practitioner.

Mary Lonigro, RScP


I have come to know that there is absolutely one Divine Intelligence that guides all things -- and each one of us
has access to it if we so choose. Similarly, “roses bloom equally for all to see” but we must be the ones willing to see it. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Science of Mind and Spirit, speaks to the fact that we can try and will a watermelon seed to be a tomato but it will never happen. WHY? Because a Divine Intelligence guides all things in this vast Universe. Each moment, each day, we have the “Point of Choice” of where we place our energy and time.


As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, what I can offer to you during a private session, is a loving, safe, confidential space – a space where you are gently listening to hear your own voice guided according to your goals. The beautiful thing is that you are in control of the perfect fit for your spiritual growth and soul’s deepening.

I look forward to serving you.

Zina Kacha, RScP


As a spiritual practitioner, successful entrepreneur and the founder of Urbanpreneur. My passion is to pursue and to understand and experiencing Spirit at work in All things and in All beings.

The experience of Health, Love, Wholeness, Harmony, Balance, Creative Expression, Freedom, Abundance and applied Faith, are natural states of being. There are times, in our lives when our expressions, our purpose or our meaning, gets blurred and we feel disconnected from our Truth.

It is in these times that my role as a practitioner is the strongest as together, we turn to affirmative prayer and spiritual principles, while holding steadfast in the recognition, that we are a reflection of God’s Everlasting Love on the earth.

Tony Ceja, RScP


I recognize and realize that God and I are ONE and that any sense of separation only distances me farther away from my potential. We all have the power to choose our conception, which translates into a mirror image, manifesting in our lives.
I'm in constant spiritual evolution and know this to be true for you as well.
As an instrument of God, I’d like to assist you in looking within, develop the ability to access your Divine Truth, through affirmative praying, meditating, teaching, or by mere heart-listening.
Remember, the language of Spirit is universal and I offer spiritual support in both English and Spanish -- call me!

Donna Gerardi, RScP


As a Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, I work with clients to awaken to the awe of everyday living. Our lives are meant to be lived fully and in harmony with the Divine—in JOY!


I believe the ability to expand and transform is limited only by one's current beliefs. My spiritual counseling practice is solution-oriented and designed to empower you in releasing limiting beliefs and restricting habits and get you on a clear path to joyful living.


As your Spiritual Counselor and mentor, I am here to help you sort through any challenges you may be facing, and together bring your experience back to abundance, balance and wholeness. The magnificence of Spirit works in wondrous ways, and together we can make your Divine Path easier, freer and more fun...A Clear Path to Joy!


I am thrilled to be of service to those who are called to use the principles of SOM more effectively in your own lives. My calming, gentle, and loving presence can assist you in co-creating the life of your dreams by knowing the Truth of Love about you.

To schedule a confidential spiritual counseling session in my private office, please contact me directly.

Sherri Ginand, RScP


It is my privilege to affirm through prayer the truth that we are precious and perfect spiritual beings, one with the Divine Presence. We are all inherently worthy of love, whatever our sexual orientation, age, abilities, or past experiences. Even in times of pain and sorrow, life is a beautiful mysterious gift from our Source just waiting to be unwrapped. 

In providing spiritual guidance, I support your journey of rediscovering your birthright of joy and wholeness. Each confidential session draws upon Science of Mind teachings and is uniquely tailored to help you find the answers that are already within you.

Drawing upon my upbringing as the daughter of a veterinarian, and as a lifelong parent of various "creatures great and small", I also provide spiritual support for those caring for pets with special needs or grieving over the loss of a pet. I would be honored to help you plan a ceremony to commemorate your animal family member.

You have the option of having your session at the center or at my home office, a peaceful setting just minutes from Universal Spirit Center. 


Dharmini Cabanillas, RScP


I recognize and know the unconditional love and support that fills and surrounds all Beings, without exception.  The Light of Truth is always rising up, throughout all of Life, in support of Conscious Awakening for the Highest Good.

As a Practitioner, I serve as a guide and support for you to connect with your own Divine Inner Knowing.  Through creating sacred space and providing deep listening from the Heart, I support you in stepping free from limitations and into the experience of the blessing and treasure of who you really are.  I have witnessed successful application of spiritual principles and affirmative prayer to transform lives in the areas of depression, addiction, finances and prosperity consciousness, relationships, health/well-being and work-life/career/life purpose.  In addition to my Practitioner preparation courses, I also hold a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing.  I am grateful for the opportunity to support you in more fully accessing and living your birthright of Freedom, Empowerment, Joy, Love, Wholeness and Peace. 

After a session you can expect greater Clarity and Empowerment with spiritual tools and practices to apply to the life situation for which you are seeking support. I look forward to meeting with you.  Please reach out to me directly to set up a session.

Liza Talbott, RScP


Science of Mind teaches us that the limitless nature of the Divine lies within each one of us. It is through our thoughts and beliefs that we create the experiences of our lives, so the more we open to the realization that we are limitless, the greater capacity we have to experience Divine Truth. It is a
common human perspective to know limitations in certain aspects of our lives. My role is to listen, to know your divinity, and to honor who you are in each and every moment, no matter what perceived limitation is showing up in your life experience. I am here to help shine Love and Light into those spaces within that are calling for attention and expansion. Through gently guided conversation and spiritual practice, I can help to shift old thoughts and beliefs so that the expression of one’s life better reflects
the true nature of Joy, Love, Abundance, and Perfect Health that we are here to live. I am honored to
act as a reflection for your Divine Truth.

Christine Thompson, RScP


In our every act, we encounter ourselves at our deepest level of being. Every act of service truly serves the one life that is the life of all. When we know we "work for God," every encounter is an opportunity to serve.


We may pray for someone, offer physical or emotional support, or become the mailbox where someone receives their next message from the Universe. This day I open my eyes to the one life around me. I know that all I encounter is God. Every act of service I give is God serving God, and God loving God. And so it is. Amen!

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